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This is a resource list for Roma and allies.
We are considered "the most hated people in Europe," and are often forgotten in the United States. We need your help.

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Film, TV, Radio & Literature

  • A People Uncounted (Documentary) by Aaron Yeger

  • A Ciambra (Fiction) by Jonas Carpignano

  • Latcho Drom (Music Documentary) by Tony Gatlif

  • Kumpania: Flamenco LA (Dance Documentary) by Katina Dun

  • Gypsies, Roma, Travellers: An Animated History (Illustrated Documentary) by The Open Society

  • We Are the Romani People (Non-Fiction) by Ian Hancock

  • Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey (Non-Fiction) by Isabel Fonesca

  • The Roads of the Roma: a PEN Anthology of Gypsy Writers edited by Ian Hancock, Siobhan Dowd, & Raјko Đurić

  • The Romani Women’s Movement: Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe edited by Angéla Kóczé, Violetta Zentai, Jelena Jovanović, & Enikő Vincze

  • Zoli (Fiction) by Colum McCann

  • Songs of the Roma: A Collection of Poems by Papusza

  • The Stopping Places: A Journey Through Gypsy Britain by Damian Bas

  • American Gypsy by Oksana Marafioti

  • La Conazone Di Rebecca (Documentary) by Roberto Malini

  • Kizzy (1976 TV Series - Fiction) by BBC

  • Romani (Podcast) by Word of Mouth

  • Romaphobia: The Last Acceptable Form of Racism (Non-Fiction) by Aidan McGarry

  • I Met Lucky People (Non-Fiction) by Yaron Matras

  • *Daria: A Roma Women's Journey (Graphic Novel) by Positive Negatives & UNDP

  • On the Road (Podcast Series)

  • Gipsy Queen (Fiction) by Hüseyin Tabak

  • Float Like a Butterfly (Fiction) by Carmel Winter

  • Kokoro (Fiction) by Tony Gatlif

  • The Crazy Stranger (Fiction) by Tony Gatlif

  • Papusza (Non-Fiction) by Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze

  • The Man Who Saw Too Much (Documentary) by Jill Nicholls & Alan Yentob

  • The Romani Tearoom (Podcast) by the ERRC

  • Romani Lesson (Spanish) (find it at http://www.lecciongitana.org/)

  • Ossiri (Children's Fiction) by Bala Mengro

Social Media & Romani Influencers

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